Community Housing Project

Our Community Housing Project is a campaign that has been initiated to upgrade the housing of 15 beneficiaries who have inadequate housing and who are vulnerable due to age, poverty, health issues such as HIV and who are struggling due to family bereavement. For example our first beneficiary is Barbara who lives in Goyero village in the parish of Kajjere, Kiboga district. Barbara is only 23 years old and has two children to look after on her own since being widowed.

Barbara and her two children outside their home

Barbara shares: “I am calling for any support to be able to build a house for me and my two children since I lost my husband, I am unable to build a house for myself and kids as I only survive on subsistence farming which can’t earn enough to me”

Currently Barbara and the other prospective beneficiaries are living in buildings, like the ones pictured above. These houses are unsafe and unfit to live in. They do not adequately protect against the elements and are in danger of falling down if there are high winds or heavy rain. Depending on the funds we can raise we have two options to improve living conditions for the beneficiaries of the scheme. Firstly we have a low budget option that will improve living conditions immensely although it is only a semi permanent option which will last for between 3 to 5 years depending on the weather conditions. For $512 (£380) we can build a two room mud house with a tin roof as shown in the picture below.

Low budget semi permanent housing option

The second option we have is to build the small houses out of bricks and cement. This is the preferred option as the buildings will be stronger. However the costs will be much higher due to the materials and paid labour that will be needed. For a permanent two-room building the cost will be $2123 (£1598).

An unfinished brick house


To support this project you can donate using the PayPal link below or via our GoFundMe campaign

Budgets for both options can be provided on request. For any questions please email