S tarlight Family Charity has 2 1/2 acres of land outside Nasuuna village, Buzibwera parish, Kiboga, Uganda and an organic garden surrounding the school and orphanage. The land produces food crops to help us make sure the children at the school and orphanage receive a nourishing meal. It also provides a base from which to teach children and adults how to grow a range of crops and maximise their yield in harmony with the environment. To make the best use of the land we are seeking funding to employ a farm manager, to fund a larger water reservoir and to build a simple building to store tools and facilitate educational workshops. We also kindly welcome donations of seeds such water melon, pumpkins, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers, maize, beans, eggplants and ground nuts to help us keep the farm productive.

COVID-19 update: unprecedented events resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic mean that food security is even more important than ever for the children and vulnerable adults who are supported by Starlight Family. In 2020 we have been able to rent a piece of land close to the school and orphanage site and although we have a lockdown and curfew imposed on us we are busy growing organic crops such as beans and sweet potatoes.

Starlight Family Charity Farm
Local youths learning about growing cassava at the organic farm
Grateful for all of the kind seed donations helping us to feed the children

James and the children harvest the beans grown in the orphanage garden. They will be used to feed the school children and children at the orphanage.