Starlight Family supports children from the local community in several ways.

Firstly fourteen of the most needy children are accommodated in a small children’s home that was completed in 2019 thanks to generous donations. These children have no one to look after them either because they are orphans or have only one parent who may be struggling to care for them. Many single parents struggle due to various problems for example losing a partner due to A.I.D.S and being HIV positive themselves. Also some of the children stay to attend the school and have respite from abusive home conditions. Up to sixteen more children in the area who would benefit from this support have been identified although at this time unfortunately funds are insufficient to make this happen.

Secondly Starlight Family runs a charity school providing over 100 children from the local area basic primary level education and life skills. Starlight Family volunteers have a community outreach to make sure that the children from the most difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds have access to the school. Without the school these children would be unable to access any sort of education and Starlight Family believes that education is key in helping them create a brighter future. Parents are encouraged to donate to the school or volunteer in the garden to grow vegetables to provide the school children with a meal during the school day. However the school is currently very reliant on donations and the number of children that can be accommodated currently fluctuates depending on support. With enough infrastructure and funding up to 260 children could benefit from the school.

Starlight Family also run an important project specifically aimed at helping adolescent girls who have specific areas of need. Please read more about this project on the Teen Girls Project page.

To find out how you can help please visit the page Sponsor a Child  or Support