Building a New School

Help to construct a new educational facility to continue empowering and educating the community into the future.

To keep Starlight Family Charity School educating and empowering the local community into the future the temporary wooden building has to be replaced with a more permanent brick structure. This is a government mandatory requirement and will improve the educational environment for everyone. Until now because of the great work of the school reaching out to children who would not otherwise have access to education the temporary school building has been allowed. However we plan to build the new one before any risk of the temporary one being closed down. News on the design, costs and funding plans will be updated on this page.

In the shorter term our attention is focused on the project of completing the teachers’ accommodation. We are looking for your support over the next couple of months or unfortunately the school risks being closed by the government authorities. According to the ‘Ministry Of Education and Sports Guidelines for Establishing, Licensing, Registering and Classification of Private Schools/Institutions in Uganda’ section J; ‘’ Requirements for Operating Primary Schools point 7: Rural schools such as Starlight Family Charity School must have ‘’A minimum of one staff house on, or near the school compound.’’ The penalty for non-compliance is set out under section H; ‘’The Procedure for Applying for Registration of a Private School/Institution’’ point 7 in that: ‘’ A school/institution may be de-licensed (closed), or de-registered (closed) by the PS/ES in case of non- compliance with the regulations governing the operations of Private schools/institutions.’’ The work on the teachers’ accommodation has already begun, funded by the limited savings of Starlight Family Board of Directors members’ savings. Once the building is completed then the cost of renting nearby accommodation for the teachers (around £600 a year) will not need to be met saving money that is much needed to support other areas of the charities’ work. To support this work please donate via the GoFundMe fundraiser which can be viewed at

The beginning of the teacher’s house