Teen Girls Project

Help prevent the community’s teenage girls from further deprivation because of their biological sex.

Things are tough enough for the children and adults that we work with but girls reaching adolescence have particular needs to meet. For example many girls across Uganda miss out on schooling due to a shortage of sanitary products and underwear during their monthly menstruation cycle. Without the right education this may also be a time of fear and confusion for them. As well as supplying the necessary sanitary products it is our vision to provide well-being education and sex education to both teen boys and girls to help prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease. All too often young women are unable to reach their educational potential due to early motherhood. With your help we also hope to improve the situation for the young women by empowering them through general and occupational education. Furthermore we aim to provide support and training to young single parent families so that they can make a better life for themselves and their children.

To support the Teen Girls Project regular donations can be made using the paypal link below or please visit our Support page to read about other ways to help

We are seeking educational sponsorship for two adolescent girls under our care. Betty (14) and Jesca (16) who have now completed their education at Starlight Family School. This is a vulnerable time for girls of this age as without being engaged in full time education or work the likelihood of being pressured into sexual relationships resulting in early motherhood are high. Starlight Family would like to support these girls to enroll in local high schools to continue their general education. As well as decreasing the chances of unwanted pregnancy this will improve their future prospects in general. We are also seeking sponsorship for one of the girls pictured who has recently become a young single parent.