Watering the Crops

Help improve the farms irrigation system and keep the farm productive all year round

Currently we have a shallow irrigation pond to provide the water needs for all of our crops during the year. Unfortunately it does not hold sufficient water to maximise the productivity of the farm and will often dry out meaning that planting time is limited to the rainy season. Also watering with watering cans makes it very labour intensive to deliver enough water to the crops. Keeping the farm productive all year round will help us to feed the school children and vulnerable adults in our local area as well as to help generate an income for the charity’s other projects and provide opportunities to teach organic horticulture . Additionally it will provide nearly 30 families in the local community access to clean water for their domestic uses as currently they to travel much further to access water. For a little over $5,000 (£3544) we can engage a local firm to construct the well and provide us with irrigation equipment. If you are interested in helping please donate via this Paypal link

The current irrigation system on our farm