Youth Education Project

Help adolescents to continue their education, to avoid exploitation and improve their future prospects

Starlight Family Charity School ( ) provides much needed support and free primary level education to over 100 disadvantaged children in the parish of Kibale , Kiboga, Uganda helping them and the community towards a better future. However when the adolescent girls have finished at primary level there is a real danger that without enrolling in secondary level education that they will be exploited and end up as teenage single mothers which is not ideal in any country but especially difficult in rural Uganda. When able Starlight Family runs awareness campaigns on sex education and planned parenthood to both teenage girls and boys. However we have found the best way to help them is to make sure that they remain in the education system. Equally there is a danger for adolescent boys who fall out of education. They may be exploited for labour or end up involved selling drugs or even taking drugs if they feel they have no hope for the future. If we can fund the teens to continue their education they will be occupied productively and improve their potential for a better life and better future.  

Currently in Uganda because of the pandemic only the top classes of schools may open. However due to a lack of finances to implement the current COVID requirements we have been unable to reopen Starlight Family School for the current term. We have 20 adolescents, (15 girls and 5 boys ), who would be in the highest class of Starlight Family school and so are currently out of education. Whilst we prepare to reopen the school it is important to keep these children engage in the education system. There is free state education available for them but we need to raise funds to pay for their registration, scholastic materials, mock national exam fees, COVID testing fees and for them to eat whilst at school. In total this comes to £53 ($70) for a 12 week term . So far we have been able to pay for 5 teens to attend for one term so we are seeking your help to help the other 15.

How you can help: This project is to raise money so that once the children have finished their primary education at Starlight Family school they can continue their education to improve their future prospects and avoid exploitation. However until Starlight Family School reopens we are also urgently seeking funds for our most recent candidate class ( top class ) to continue with their education. If you are unable to support us financially we appreciate you taking the time to share this project on social media or directly with friends, family and colleagues. Donations to the project can be made directly to our Donorbox campaign