Current Campaigns

Some of the specific projects that we are currently fundraising for can be viewed below

Send Orphans Seeds

Starlight Family Farm is an important part of everyday life for the orphans and school children that we feed. By sending us seeds to plant you will help us to grow nutritious food to feed the children. Seeds such as water melon, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers, maize, beans, eggplants and ground nuts are appreciated and can be sent directly to:
Starlight Family
P.O. Box 89
East Africa

Teen Girls Project

Fundraising to promote a better future and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Read more..

School Extension

We are seeking financial support to create another three classrooms as the school cannot accommodate the amount of pupils meaning that some have to have lessons outside. This is not ideal because the children’s education can be disturbed by too much sun and the rain. The local education authority also wish to see we complete this work as soon as possible. We are kindly seeking for your financial helping hands for this project as well as support to keep the school supplied with the necessary equipment.

Aloha Starlight Family

Friends of Starlight Family from America collectively known as PureEnergy.Love are raising money to fund the school with a GoFundMe campaign with the message: ”we are here to help and support our global family
In oneness and Unity wi Love wi ALoHA”