Regular donations

Starlight Family has a lot of bills to meet each month in order to keep the school, orphanage and farm running. Without a regular income, stability and future planning are difficult. This not only adds pressure to the director as he manages the day to day running of the organisation it can have a negative impact on the children and adults that we support. Without regular donations our beneficiaries cannot rely on their health, educational and material needs being met from month to month. It is our aspiration to encourage regular donations. Modest monthly donations from a large number of people will provide the funds that are needed to maintain the projects and sustain our beneficiaries. Recurring donations can be easily set up through PayPal. Just click on the PayPal logo on our Support page, enter the amount and click on the box that says ‘make this a monthly donation.’ For UK supporters a standing order can be set up to pay directly into our Credit Union account, the details of which are also on our Support page.