A Well Fed Community

Thanks to a kind grant from A Well Fed World in February Starlight Family volunteers were able to purchase some food staples to give to those most in need in the local community.

As part of the ongoing efforts to support vulnerable community members, over the past year Starlight Family has been fundraising to help the most needy with food provisions during the COVID lockdowns which severely impacted their ability to access food. Despite that most restrictions have now been lifted, the long term effects of the lockdowns can still be felt especially by those who are living in rural areas and who were finding things difficult even before the pandemic. For example some of the elderly were relying on financial support from family working in Kampala who either lost their jobs permanently or temporarily during the pandemic. Also COVID related inflation in Uganda has meant that the cost of food staples have increased putting many more people into poverty .

A Well Fed World who is an international hunger relief and food security organization whose aims are to create a sustainable, nourished, and climate-friendly future by advancing plant-based foods and farming. Starlight Family welcomed the opportunity to use the grant from A Well Fed World and provide some of the basic necessities to the most needy within the local community. Items were distributed to widows, the elderly, orphans, teen mothers, those with HIV/AIDS and needy people from poor households, in two batches. The first distribution was one months worth of maize flour and salt, (with soap provided by Starlight Family) to twenty eight family heads and their dependents totaling seventy of those most in need. The second food distribution of a months supply of beans was delivered in person to thirteen family heads with their dependents totaling forty-one people reached.

Beneficiaries and volunteers
beneficiaries of the grant
distribution of the maize flour and salt
Bean distribution

Byamukama Pashius of Starlight Family delivers beans to support a widow and her two children
volunteers Mr. Matovu Joseph and Namaganda Alice are helping to organise the delivery of food whilst some of the beneficiaries wait