With the help of our worldwide family, friends and supporters Starlight Family Charity Organisation, supports vulnerable children and adults in Nasuuna and Nakassagazi villages, Kiboga, Uganda. Starlight Family’s young founder, Lukyamuzi James was himself an orphan and street child and knows the difficult conditions faced by many living in his local area today. His charisma, selfless attitude and abundance of energy has nurtured the organisation since 2010 reaching out to those who live in remote places and are in need of practical and emotional support. In 2021, after a visit from the director of a charity in Kampala, Uganda that advocates for human and non human lives, the Starlight Family directors pledged that animals will not be exploited or suffer as a consequence of the charitable works that are undertaken. Practically this means that funds will not be raised from the sale of animals or animal products, that the charitable meals provided will be plant based, and that additional products used during the course of the charities works will not contain animal products. Additionally the Starlight Family is keen to start spreading the message of compassion for beings by adding animal welfare education to the projects that they deliver. Currently donations are helping with food, clothing, shelter and the medicinal and educational needs of beneficiaries. In the longer term Starlight Family projects that will not only raise standards of living for the most vulnerable but help the charity to become self-supporting.