Healthy Feet for Healthy Children

The good news is that after nearly two years of closure our school has been able to reopen and provide food for the mind and the stomach to nearly 150 children from disadvantaged households in our local community. However there are many of the children whose families are unable to afford shoes for them. This exposes them to two potential big health issues associated with being barefooted – Jiggers and hookworm.

An outbreak of Jiggers at the school and children’s home a few years ago

Jiggers are soil borne parasites found in Sub-Saharan climates that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. They cause swelling, itching and infection and the pain leaves many people with walking problems. Severe cases can lead to amputation and even death. The only way to remove the jiggers is to cut them out of the feet – usually with no anesthetic.

We are urgently seeking material and financial donations as we are currently in the dry season which is the time that Jiggers and worms multiply. We welcome old shoes, new shoes and financial donations so that we can buy shoes. Shoes cost between 25,000 UGX ($7 / £5) and 35,000 UGX ($10 / £8) depending on the age of the child/shoe size.

Our address for material donations is

Starlight Family,

P.O. Box 89



East Africa

To donate to this campaign please visit our support page

Children attending Starlight Family school without shoes
The first pairs of shoes thanks to your kind donations
Receipts for three pairs of school shoes approximately £22 / $ 29