tarlight Family Charity School provides much needed support and free primary level education to over 100 disadvantaged children in the parish of Kibale , Kiboga, Uganda helping them and the community towards a better future. The school is currently very reliant on donations and the number of children that can be accommodated currently fluctuates depending on support. With enough infrastructure and funding up to 260 children could benefit from the school. The children who otherwise would not be receiving any education participate in a wide range of classes including craft, sport, reading, writing, English and personal hygiene. Although Starlight Family Charity school does not receive government funding it must adhere to governmental requirements in order to stay operational. With help from our supporters we have been able to keep the school inspectors satisfied that we are cooperating and striving to fulfill the requirements such as the recent completion of concreting the school floor. However recently we were advised that we urgently needed to provide on-site accommodation for our teachers and to provide more classroom space to avoid overcrowding. As well as these requirements we appreciate financial and material support with the day to day running costs including stationary and staff wages.

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The last couple of years have been a difficult period for the school. We have had to remain closed for long periods of time as well as implement government protocol regarding health and safety when the school was open. Any donations made specifically towards education whilst the school has been closed have been spent on supporting the tutoring of the children living in the children’s home.