Family Friends

It is thanks to individuals around the world who have supported Starlight Family that we are able to give help where it is truly needed. It is our supporters that have helped to create Starlight Family as a loving, global family.

Starlight Family friends help in a number of ways. However whether it is by volunteering, giving financial or material donations, organising a fundraising event, giving a kind word or prayer or through sharing our news and appeals on social media the kindness and support mean a lot to us all at Starlight Family.

Below you can read about some of those who have been involved with Starlight Family over the years.

Lukyamuzi James is the director of Starlight Family Charity Organisation. James’ parents both were killed by rebels during the Uganda war in 1988 — when he was only two weeks old. As an orphan James knows the difficult conditions faced by many living in his vicinity. As a young adult James felt compelled to help the many homeless and orphaned children who were facing the same struggles that he had to endure. James’s charismatic and selfless attitude has nurtured the organisation since 2010 reaching out to children and adults in need of practical and emotional support. Those who know James know how much creativity and effort he puts into the charity often working until the early hours of the morning. He is a true inspiration.

David P Amrein has a special relationship with Starlight Family as he sponsored the education of its director, Lukyamuzi James when James was a child. Moreover he inspired James to become such a help to his community. David P Amrein also gives regular donations to address urgent needs of the school and community; is a long term sponsor of one of the orphans under the care of Starlight Family and was the instigator and main funder of the new orphanage block house.
Raphael Gordon is a long term supporter of Starlight Family Charity and was instrumental in setting up Starlight Family Organic farm and orphanage as well as giving Starlight Family its name. Additionally his knowledge of organic farming and fundraising have helped Starlight Family since the beginning. Among other fundraising efforts Raphael and his friends harvest apples once a year to sell for organic apple juice donating all the proceeds to Starlight Family projects.

Linda Reynold raised funds for the Starlight Family School and for the community by organising plant and cake sales

Joseph Matovu is a valued mentor who volunteers on the Starlight Family board of directors. Despite running his own school he still finds time to give advice on the school activities and running of Starlight Family. His wisdom and community standing are invaluable to the success of Starlight Family.

During their visit to Starlight Family husband and wife Piero Cappelloni and Nirvikalpini Nithya observed the levels of poverty in the area and the lack of infrastructure and funding. It was apparent to them how even a little help can make a big difference in the lives of the impoverished adults and children in Kiboga and so they have continued to support Starlight Family through fundraising and raising awareness of the charity ever since.

Sixtina Friedrich lives in the US and is a long term sponsor of one of Starlight Family’s orphans. As well as regular financial gifts to Starlight Family she makes amazing and beautiful crystal necklaces and as well as sharing them with the children and adults in Uganda she donates a portion of the proceeds from their sale to Starlight Family.

Theres Iwanchuk-Germann who lives in the US discovered Starlight Family through her good friend and long term Starlight Family supporter, David Amrein whilst she was still living in Switzerland. As well as donating to Starlight Family, in 2018 Theres also created a successful GoFundMe campaign that resulted in the provision of drinking water for the school and local community. Theres also helps with the Starlight Family Instagram account.

Magda Anna Joy Brown created the project “Happy People” whereby second hand clothing, blankets and toys were donated in the UK and transported to those in need via Starlight Family.

Namaganda Alice is the wife of Starlight Family director, Lukyamuzi James. As well as caring for her own family and several of the orphans Alice plays a major role in the running of Starlight Family Organic farm.