Food for Life

We are thankful and happy to report that we have been awarded a grant from Food for Life Global in order to plant our organic farm and the land around the school and children’s home.

As you may know from our COVID fundraiser this year has been particularly difficult for the charity and those we support. We were unable to plant our land during the rainy season at the beginning of this year due to financial constraints and logistical difficulties related to the pandemic. This has meant that our usual crops have not been available for us to use either in the children’s home or to support the vulnerable members of our local community. As we do not have a year round water supply at the farm we rely on planting during the rainy seasons, one of which is upon us now. Once again we found ourselves without enough funds to plant the land but this time we were fortunate enough to receive a grant that has enabled us to clear, dig and plant the land around the school and children’s home as well as the the organic farm. This means we can look forwards to using the crops to feed those in need at the end of this year/ beginning of 2022. As well as supporting projects to grow food, Food For Life Global ( provide the financial means for charities all around the world to provide plant-based meals to those most in need. In fact they are providing somewhere in the nature of 2 million meals daily! We are testimony that their work is truly reaching some of the poorest communities and in the words of our director and wish to take this chance to thank Food for Life Global for their support to our community and everyone they have helped.

Below you can see the videos and pictures from this project and download the full report.

Despite the crop damage from recent storms we haven’t lost everything and have started to harvest maize for eating and seed saving in December.
Potatoes for Christmas
First Harvest