Watering the Crops

Help improve the farms irrigation system and keep the farm productive all year round

Currently the farm has a shallow irrigation pond to provide the water needs for all of our crops during the year. Unfortunately it does not hold sufficient water to maximise the productivity of the farm and will often dry out meaning that planting time is limited to the rainy season. Also watering with watering cans makes it very labour intensive to deliver enough water to crops to ensure they grow well. We have been told by water engineers that the land is suitable to create a shallow water spring well which will provide water all year round. For a little over $5,000 (£3770) we can engage a local firm to construct the well and provide us with irrigation equipment. The quotation for this work can be downloaded below. This will have the following benefits to support the children and local communities :

  • Increase food security for the children in the children’s home, the children attending Starlight school and for impoverished members of communities local to the farm and school who have need of our support.
  • Training on growing organic crops can take place over a larger part of the year meaning that we can increase the organic growing skills and awareness of community members and indirectly help them to increase their own access to vegetables. Furthermore any buildings created to facilitate the training will also have access to water.
  • 30 families from the communities of Kyayimba and Nasuuna that live close to the farm who rely on subsistence agriculture and currently struggle to obtain water for themselves and their crops will have access to the clean and safe water for their domestic and vegetable production.
  • There will be the potential to earn an income to subsidise Starlight Families other charitable activities

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The current irrigation system on our farm