Redefining Slenderman

If you Google the words Slender man you will find countless entries relating to a creepy, fear-inducing fictional identity known to stalk and abduct individuals. However with his unique loving spirit and enthusiasm Starlight Family Charity director, Lukyamuzi James has become the antithesis of this dark character and is bringing positive connotations to the name through his musical persona ‘Slenderman’ .

Tell me a bit about Slenderman….

Slenderman is a small town orphan boy who grew up in Kiboga. I am a singer, dancer, composer and writer of my own songs. When not doing this I run a charity organisation called Starlight Family which looks after children from needy poor community households.

Where did the idea for the name come from?

When I was online trying to see a special name which would fit me and which is very unique in Africa I found the name Slenderman. Of course the other Slenderman is a scary movie character but I found that it could turn into good name for me because of my tall and slim appearance. I am trying to represent good things through my Slenderman and not anything like the creepy online and cinema Slender man.

How did Slenderman evolve?

When I was a child I used to like singing and dancing. I started slowly, bit by bit with Christian, Catholic church music. Also when I was a child I used to admire Michaels Jackson and Mozey Radio. They inspired me to come into music and start performing. I began miming both of their songs. The late Mozey Radio was an international star of Uganda who sang Zuku style, reggae and rhythm and blues. Mozey was singing as well as helping the needy children in one of the charities here in Uganda. When I was busking and performing Michael Jackson songs, people in Uganda saw me on the stage. They started telling me, ” hey you look like Mozey Radio.” I decided to accept that I look like him and that this can help me to become popular and bring more support for the charity.

What inspired you to perform now?

I was inspired to perform now because music is part of my life and I found that I have a talent for singing and dancing. I wanted to use this passion and talent to create income to support my family and my charity. So the charity organisation needs daily funding opportunity to run its projects . Still music has become international business. I believe that by becoming a star people who support my music may be interested in also supporting Starlight Family. Slenderman and Starlight Family will work together promoting children’s rights and help others to become self reliant.

How is it going?

I am hopeful for the future. People like my music and are ready to support me. The difficulties I am now experiencing is that music is not doing good in village areas. Meaning that I am living in the village far from urban areas. Still when you are doing music you need to own something like a car, a bike, on which you can go everywhere they need you to perform but you may find that music in urban areas where I need to travel and you may find I am late to the shows due to that I don’t own any vehicle. Also I lack funding to facilitate or to shoot video or my audio songs in good studios

My dream as Slenderman is that I hope to be an international artist who will promote the rights of children and to pass messages through Slenderman music about the development of Africa and the importance of becoming self reliant.

How can people help if they wish to?

By supporting me on social media and spreading word that I am available to provide entertainment for different functions such as birthday parties and in clubs. Of course any financial or promotional support is also very welcome.

The latest Slenderman?

Not a boogie man

but a tender man

A smiling, stylish, Ugandan

a singing, dancing, musician

He’s a caring humanitarian

for orphaned children, a guardian

of kind deeds, a deliveryman

and a cosmic custodian

of possibilities utopian.

Slenderman’s music with English lyrics can be viewed on YouTube here and here.


WhatsApp +256 778880654