Visiting Starlight Family

Dear Friend(s),

We are very happy that you are considering a visit to Starlight Family. We wholeheartedly welcome all of our worldwide family with love and would be delighted to host volunteers to work with us in our various projects such as the children’s home, yoga/spiritual awareness, agricultural/ permaculture, school, crafts and cooking.

Kiboga and the surrounding area is a very friendly place but please bear in mind that this is a poor area and some people find the level of poverty disturbing. In order to help you make the right decision whether a visit is right for you we have compiled this list of what to expect.

What we can’t do

  • Our charity has very little funds so as much as we would like to we are unable to finance any of your stay
  • We do not yet have any property suitable for visitors so accommodation will need to be in a local guest house.

What we can do

  • Help to find accommodation and transport and give you an estimate of the costs before you arrive*
  • The director of Starlight Family, Lukyamuzi James will be available to show you around the area and the different parts of the Starlight Family projects
  • Let you know the local customs and ways of being respectful within the community
  • Arrange a Skype meeting with UK volunteers who have previously visited or Lukyamuzi James so you can ask questions

What you need to do

  • Have a clear idea how much time you would like to spend with us before you come: i.e. amount of days and how much time each day
  • Have an idea what you would like to do during your visit so we can plan ahead ideas include:

Visiting the different projects

Visiting local areas and people

Sharing skills and life lessons with beneficiaries

Spending time with the children

Working on land/ horticulture projects

Sometimes visitors raise money or collect material donations for a particular project e.g. the provision of mosquito nets or clothing donations and then visit to implement it.

  • Abide by local customs and laws.
  • Keep us informed if your plans or arrangements change
  • Give us emergency contact details for a relative or friend

* Please note prices and exchange rates are liable to change on a daily basis

What next

The staff and children of Starlight Family look forward to giving you a warm welcome. If you are still interested in visiting please drop us an introductory email to friendsofstarlightfamilyuk@gmail