Starlight School Guardians

End of term August 2019

Background : For 8 years Starlight Family Charity Organisation has provided free education to children from impoverished families in rural Uganda. Over the years the school has benefited the children by providing a wide range of classes including craft, cultural activities, sports, reading, writing, English, personal hygiene and land based education. Furthermore the children are provided with a meal during the school day which they may otherwise not have had. The work of James and the other volunteers has been warmly received and supported over the years by friends from all over the world. Meeting the regular running costs of the school has been a struggle for director Lukyamuzi James so much so that the school is currently under threat of closure.

Become a Starlight Family School Guardian: To keep the school running and continue improving the lives of over 100 children regular funding is required. We are seeking enough individuals who can commit to monthly donations to help meet the regular school running costs and have a positive impact on the future of the children and whole community.
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Update January 2022

After a short lived return to education in March 2021 the Ugandan Government closed schools for nearly two years. Now in January 2022 the children and their parents are eager for the school to restart. With recent donations we have reopened and enrolled 148 pupils but we still urgently seek one off and regular donors to improve the facility and pay for the monthly costs.

Back to School!

Update March 2021

We are happy to announce that after a long time and thanks to generous donations we have been able to meet the governments covid regulations and reopen the school for the top classes. This video below shows the children back at school and our isolation room equipped in case anyone of them should fall ill. The school running costs are higher due to the Covid requirements we need to have in place on top of our regular running costs please support us to keep going.

Update February 2021

Recently it has been a difficult time in Uganda because of restriction relating to the Covid pandemic with many of the population not even able to secure basic necessities such as food. Education is suffering too with many schools in debt and many pupils having dropped out during the closures. The education of girls in particular is being damaged as many were married off or became pregnant since the closure. Gradually schools are being allowed to reopen for some pupils but only if hygiene and covid security measures are implemented adding to the financial burden of running the schools. It is predicted that illiteracy levels are going to rise as many children are being denied the chance to attend school. As well as our running costs we seek your support to implement the covid security measures that are needed before the school is allowed to reopen. Some of these measures are one off costs such as fencing the school compound and some are costs that we will need to meet regularly such as a weekly nurses visit. We are keen to reopen the school as many children in our rural location, who would not otherwise be able to access primary level education, have benefited from Starlight Family school. Over the years we have had some difficult moments but many fun times as well as this video shows

School director Lukyamuzi James meeting with teachers, parents, guardians and local community leaders about the future of the school
School holiday activity teaching children to grow food crops