Past Projects

S ince 2010 Starlight Family Charity Organisation have been able to implement many different projects with the help of our friends and supporters. No matter whether the project was big or small it has always helped to make a big difference in the lives of the most vulnerable community members. Some of the projects are shown below.

S tarlight Family Orphanage was completed early in 2019. Thanks to our supporters the children were able to move from inadequate accommodation to their new home.
Until 2018 Starlight Family school and local community were reliant on a local spring water source for their drinking water. The water source was a fair distance away from the community and drinking the water without boiling was causing illness and even led to the death of a local girl. Thankfully one of our supporters initiated a GoFundMe campaign and we were able to raise funds and partner with the local water department to complete a borehole locally. Now the water source is safe to drink and located closer to Starlight Family Charity School and the local community.
I n 2015 Starlight Family were no longer able to rent a local building for use as a school. This meant urgent funds were needed. With the help of donations we were able to erect a wooden ‘temporary’ structure to keep the school going. Since then we have also raised funds for a water tank; a new toilet facility; registration to keep the school operational and for concreting the school floor to create a healthier environment.

Starlight Family strives to help vulnerable adults in the local community by providing material necessities and educational workshops.
Y our support over the years  has helped Starlight Family Organic Farm to improve its facilities and increase vegetable production