Uganda Lock Down Crisis – Feeding vulnerable families

As Uganda enters its 3rd week of a 6 week lock down once again the most vulnerable families are being effected the hardest. In May of this year thanks to donations from supporters of Starlight Family we were able to provide food supplies for approximately 1 month to 10 elderly families and 10 families with young children as well as support the children that live in the Starlight Family Children’s Home. For the difficulties being experienced during the current lockdown UK volunteer and supporter, Nirvikalpini Nithya has created a GoFundMe fundraiser ( so we can buy food and essential supplies to help the most vulnerable families in our local community who are under pressure from the current lock down in Uganda. As a community member, member of the Kiboga Rotary club and director of Starlight Family charity Lukyamuzi James is well placed to know who is the most in need and as always will deliver the food brought with money raised. The YouTube videos below introduce you to some of the people that we are supporting. Please consider even a small donation as this can make the difference between a family eating or not.

James goes into the community to see where the money raised in the recent GoFundMe campaign can help the most
In this video James speaks with an elderly woman about her current needs.
James speaks with an elderly woman who is seeking support to help look after her grandchildren

James speaks with a young mother who explains that because of the lockdown all income generating activities have stopped.