Love is our Religion

Starlight Family Charity School is a non-sectarian school. However the children are not discouraged from going to any of the different religious services in the area. In fact they are advised by the charity director Lukyamuzi James, to go where they feel the presence of love. Indeed a deep love without boundaries or conditions lies at the heart of many religions and many people who do not identify with a particular religion also believe unconditional love is a powerful force that can change worldly things for the better. At this time of year we are encouraged towards familial love. Originally the Pagan festival Lupercalia, celebrated on February 15th was thought to protect against infertility. Today February 14th popularly known as Saint Valentine’s Day is named after the Patron Saint of couples and happy marriages who was known for marrying Christian couples during a time that Christianity was illegal. Having a romantic partner or a child develops our loving side and teaches us a lot about the dimension of love that puts others first. Additionally being loving improves physical and mental well-being.  Extending that love to all beings has the potentiality to help create a harmonious planet something that Starlight Family and many others would like to see become reality.